Force and Impedance Primitives

WP4 will advance motion and cognitive abilities, in particular wrt. adaptivity. It will consider motion and impedance primitives as building blocks towards versatile and flexible motion architectures yielding cognitive compliant motion, thereby addressing general objectives O2 and O4. WP4 shall devise theoretical approaches to implement attractor-based impedance primitives that learn their parameterisation from the experimental data of WP3 and thereby model it. The notion of an impedance primitive, together with the established notion of adaptive motion primitives, are at the core of the CogIMon control architecture domain. Primitive-based force skills will be realized through controllers developed in WP1, higher-level cognitive control strategies will be developed and implemented in WP5 and WP6. WP4 will focus on the key elements of the control architecture, the learning and realization of force/impedance/motion primitives.